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Restaurant, pub, liquor stores, bar, etc -

Forget about the burden of dealing empties from your store. Do your priories, we do the rest.


Condo, town house or the community facility - 

Weekly Service

Extra revenue to the building

Free recycling container

Anytime Emergency-pickup

Home pickup

Having garage-full of the refundable bottle and cans? And no time to take to the Depot? Call us. We will clear all your empties fast, and do the accurate counting. 


As a part of utilizing our trucks, we launched the hauling service from Fall 2021. If you have small junks at your home or office, ask us to remove them at a reasonable price. 

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We help others, the different countries and people who need serious help. The Empty Now Foundation was founded in 2017 to support children with disabilities in developing countries. Since then, we could expand our support to people with various difficulties and need. Our gold is to spend 10% of our revenue on others, and our donors make this possible.

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Recycle matters. It's an even more serious subject nowadays. There are so many recycling categories the strata needs to organize. Paper, plastic, bottle, garbage, organic and refundable. And all these should be serviced through each different service. Recycling room also needs to on an agenda for a better recycling. And we all know how. 

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