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Restaurant Bar

Commercial Pickup

Need a regular and reliable bottle pick-up service contractor? Want to focus on the mainstream and forget about dealing the empty bottles?

We are the best in this class with twenty years' experience. Once you have us, you have the best friend already.


Multi-family residential

High-rises or low-rises, any multifamily buildings, need a well-organized recycling system. The importance of doing RECYCLE is never more serious. The more the strata do better recycle, the healthier environment our next generation will enjoy. Not only this, but an unexpected revenue of $100 to 2000 yearly to the strata is a plus.

Small House

Home pickup

Have a load of several years' garage-packed empty refundable at home? Schedule the pickup request and book now. We count your empties on-site and either pay cash right away with an accurate report or accept your donation to reach out to others in need.  

Organizing Data

Recycling Consulting

Multi-family buildings need a well-organized recycling system. However, finding an experienced consolidator is not easy. We have 20+ years of experience as an upfront service provider in this field. So, we know what the customer needs are..